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Do you ever wonder how our best companions are repaired? In this article, we explain three different types of advanced phone repair services.

All phones can and will be repaired. Regardless of how complicated or how difficult they are to work with. Phone repair is a constantly evolving industry. With the release of iPhone X and Samsung S8 / Note8. This has been proven once again. In all honesty manufacturers like Apple and Samsung don’t actually want anyone repairing their phones. You may ask WHY? the simple answer is “SUPPLY & DEMAND”.  Getting rid of the middle guy would automatically give them more market share. In return, the end user would have to pay more. Even for this reason only, I believe competition is good. Especially in the phone repair. This phone repair has become one of the top performing services industry in Australia.

Recently I was speaking to one of Samsung Australia’s top executives. I was told that they have significantly reduced their repair prices because they realized now that there are other kids on the block. Apple had a similar marketing ploy with their AppleCare+ which now covered against any accidental damages.


The term “phone” usually translates to a smartphone. Smartphones are smart for a reason. Smartphones keep track of time, date, year, messages, browsing plus many more features, which help to make our lives better. I personally love the built-in GPS for calculating the traffic info & their cameras for taking pictures. Other may love their different functions. Phone Repair is a booming industry.

When our loyal companions break down, we look at fixing it straight away. I have split phone repair into 3 sections. Basic, Intermediate and advanced.Phone repair.  None of these phone repairs, stages should not be performed without the correct training & experience. Phone repair Melbourne is here to help. Out of all other services, phone repair has become highly sought after. Due to each individual owning a smartphone. Therefore requiring a phone repair at least once in their lifetime.



Phone repair basic is the most common phone repair type. This type of phone repair is a sort of repair where all phone repair centers should perform with ease. Battery replacement, screen replacement, software restore & update is all included in the Phone repair of this type.

Basic phone repair does not require any expensive tools and equipment. Therefore many individuals are attempting to repair their own phones. Sometimes even their friends and colleges. The result is a “KAOS”. Absolute chaos. Upon inspection (by our phone repair technicians) we find that the damage is apparent and evident. Requiring advanced repair. Sometimes it’s long screw damage. Sometimes broken home buttons. So when you need your smartphone repaired look for a reputable repair shop. Look in your area for the local repair shop. Build a good relationship. Ask all the questions. Cost wise if it’s too cheap, walk away. Tell them you want quality parts & good service. Contact your expert phone repair now.



This kind of repair is little more complicated, Intermediate phone repair can vary from, housing replacement to mute button repair, rear camera glass lens repair. Frame housing dent repair, charge port repair (Samsung), rear camera repair. Some of these repairs will require special tools & equipment. Such as heat pad, gtool,  & specialty screws. Only a few handful phone repair shops in Melbourne are able to do these types of repairs, phone repair. For all your phone repair needs call 1300 789 543



In Australia, Gadget Fix is the only preferred place for all your advanced phone repair needs. Especially when it comes to advanced phone repair. Advanced phone repair includes micro soldering, logic board repairs. water damage repairs, ultrasonic cleaning, amoled LCD refurbishing, glass only repairs.

Some Samsung phone repair is difficult due to its fragile LCD.  Data recovery, backup, fake charge, phone repair & white screen to name a few. A well prepped phone repair shop will have Microscope (lab spec), ultrasonic cleaner, nand reader, DC converter, hot air station, solder station (micro grade). Fume extractor, bubble remover, LCD laminator, film applicator plus much more.

If you have any questions regarding this phone repair article. Or looking for a phone repair contact us today.  www.gadgetfix.com.au