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Apple MacBook Inspection & Diagnostics Fee

Our MacBook inspection & diagnostics fee covers inspection of the Logic Board (motherboard) display, keyboard, touchpad, battery and all other components. Each MacBook is disassembled and the I/O board & Logic board is inspected under a microscope. We can also test the rest of the MacBook by installing one of our test logic boards. Because we are a logic-board repair specialist our main focus is to get your Logic board up and running. If for any reason the logic board can not be repaired we will let you know if we have a replacement for your model.

MacBook Inspection & Diagnostics fee is between $79 – $129

Service Specification

MacBook inspection & diagnostics fee is non refundable and must be paid upfront. Our technicians will be in contact with you once your MacBook is inspected. All Inspection & Diagnostics are usually completed within 48 hours.

If for any reason you require an urgent or emergency inspection please note that there will be an additional fee of $200. Please contact us if you have any other questions on 03 9510 7423 during our business hours or email sales@gadgetfix.com.au

Logic Board Only Repair

After our initial inspection sometimes we find that only the MacBook’s logic board requires repairing (includes inspection & diagnostics fee)

MacBook Pro 2008-2012 (unibody) $279
MacBook Air 2010 - 2017 $299
MacBook Pro 2012-2015 (retina) $349
MacBook Air 2018-2020 $399
MacBook Pro 13" 2016-2017 $399
MacBook Pro 15" 2016-2017 $499
MacBook Pro 13" & 15" 2018-2020 $599

MacBook Inspection & Diagnostic Fee

MacBook Pro 2008-2012 $79

MacBook Air 2010-2017 $99

MacBook Pro 2012-2015 $99

MacBook Air 2018-2020 $129

MacBook Pro 2016-2020 $129