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I can’t access my disk drive, what should I do?

It is very simple to know if your disk drive is failing. Common symptoms include, clicking noise, no power, no light, unable to recognizr the drive. If any of these syptoms are present disconnect your drive from its power source. At this stage we highly recommend this faulty/dead drive to be examined by a disk drive data recovery service.

Can data be recovered from clicking disk drives?

Yes, the data can be retreived from clicking disk drives. Using our industry leading experience and know how in the data recovery service clicking disk drive’s data are recovered without a need for any Class 100 lab. Therefore saving our customers hundreds of dollars.

My disk drive has no power or activity

Disk drive power related issues are common. Usually the disk drives PCB (printed circuit board) fails. This can be replaced with ease. However just by replacing the PCB board does not solve the problem BIOS and other necessary chip comp0nents from the original failed PCB must be transferred.

Bad sectors & failed heads

Bad sectors will prevent the disk access and let the system freeze. By reprogramming the bad sectors we can skip each bad sector and rebuild it after majority of the data has been recovered. This method gives less stress to disk drive and does not cause any further damage due to the limitations of the sector read time intervals.

Operating systems especially windows will freeze or hang once it tries to access the bad sectors. Reprogrammed sectors prevents this issue from any OS related recognition or accessibilty issues.

Using our disk drive data recovery service we can disable the faulty head to revover the data from the rest of the heads.

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