Guide: Troubleshoot phone not charging or turning on.

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Guide: Troubleshoot phone not charging or turning on.

Before you take your phone in for repair you should first test the battery. This guide is intended for everyone. It is basic troubleshooting and easy steps to follow.

  1. Visually inspect the phones charge cable.Make sure there are no kinks or tears in the cable this could be affecting your phone from charging.
  2. Visually inspect the phones charge port. Make sure the charge port is not clog. You may need a magnifying glass and good light to see inside the charge port. If you keep your phone in a bag or in your pocket, debris and dirt can build up in the port which makes it difficult to get good connection. Ensure that the charge cable sits all the way BUT do NOT force the cable in if it is being obstruct. On devices which have micro usb connector the pins could also be bent. If the pins are bent or missing in the port stop and take your phone in for a professional to have a look.
  3. Try another cable. We just want to make sure. After all we use our charge cables daily and plugging in an unplugging causes wear on the cable. Over time cables can become damage from twisting and bending overtime. Even though they may look good external there may be internal damage. Best to try another cable, if you don’t have a spare cable you could always ask a friend or family.
  4. Check your power source. Whether you are using a wall adapter, power bank, computer or laptops USB port, try another source, or another port just to make sure. Your phone will not charge regardless of how many cables you try if the actual source can not provide power. It is possible that the source you are using can be faulty also.
  5. Check to see if phone shows any sign of charging. Usually there will be an indicator on the screen or charge light which shows that the device is charging. Sometime the device could be charging but in fact the screen could have failed.
  6. Let it charge. YES. LET IT CHARGE. Especially with Apple products. They can take very long time to boot even after putting on charge. Give your device at least 30 minutes and even longer if it has been off for a long time.
  7. Try a hard reset. So maybe your phone has charge but there is some problem booting the phone. Try a hard rest. Usually done on phones by holding the home and power button for 30 seconds. Refer to your devices user manual to find out how to reset your phone.

Well if you tried the above there is a good chance your battery or charge port can be faulty. I say this as some devices even though charge wont boot if they have a dead battery and some other devices work the other way around, even though battery is dead if they are plugged into external power they will boot.

No luck? Time to take it in for repair.

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