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There comes a time in someone’s life where data must be recovered from a dead device. Especially when a liquid spill is involved. iPhone X has the most complicated logic board layout. In comparison to all previous models. New model X now houses a dual layer sandwich motherboard (logic board) design. CPU has dual layers similar to all the predecessors. Upon heavy liquid spillage, the liquid finds its way into the logic board. Requiring an Apple logic board repair. Apple’s iPhone has built-in high-security features. These security features prevent any unlawful access to your data in case the phone is stolen or lost.

Why Choose Apple Logic Board Repair Service

Apple logic board repair services may be required if some of the core functions don’t work. For example, camera, wifi, Bluetooth, display, charge, sim not reading. These are only a few common issues. This service may only be needed when the new parts do not fix the issue. The logic board then will need to be assessed, diagnosed and repaired. Please acknowledge that any Apple logic board repair can be costly. Costing you upwards of 100’s of dollars. Ordinary phone repair shops are only able to replace components. However when it comes to Apple logic board repair that’s where their knowledge stops.  Our Apple logic board repair service is simple and efficient.

What If You Only Need iPhone Data Recovery

Dead device data recovery specialist Gadget Fix has a brilliant solution for you. Let’s consider your iPhone X is dead and you want internal storage contents. (iPhone data recovery). iPhone could be liquid damaged or physically damaged. Repairing the iPhone logic board without the need to purchase any components. (screen, battery. charge port et..). Specialist logic board repairers can get your phone up and running. Using one of their test units in order to retrieve all data. Shortage under CPU. Baseband shortage will require iPhone CPU reball or baseband reball.