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  • iMAC Logic Board Repair brings DEAD iMac’s back to life

iMac is a solid and well built all in one computer. The ones that fail are generally the ones with GPU issues (2010-2012) or Power board failures (2010-2015). The old SATA 2.5″ and 3.5″ HDD drives are also starting to show their signs of failing as we speak. These are the common problems which can occur at any time. If your iMac is failing due to any other reason besides the ones mentioned above than most likely your problem is Logicboard related. Whatever the problem is Gadget Fix can help.

  • iMAC Logic Board Repair can save you hundreds.

By repairing your existing iMac Logic Board you can save hundreds. Sometimes it can be Blown fuse, Blown headphone jack, Faulty Bios, Firmware locked BIOS, Backlight IC, faulty WIFI module, broken rear USB, Thunderbolt, RJ45, SD Card reader slot, Bluetooth IC. Whatever the problem is we can diagnose, and repair.

  • Your iMac is Upgradable.

Did you know that we can upgrade, Ram, CPU and HDD on most APPLE iMAC’s? It only makes sense to hold on to your iMac as it is upgradable. It only makes sense to upgrade your iMac when your HDD fails. By upgrading to SSD drive the read and write speeds increase up to 20 x.

  • All iMac Logic Board Repairs include 6 Months Warranty.

Yes, 6 months warranty on all iMac Logic Board Repairs. Whether if it a simple screen connector replacement, IC replacement, filter, diode, transistor or capacitor. We guarantee our work. iMac Logic Board repair specialist Gadget Fix is here to help you with all your iMac issues. If you are looking for iMac Logic Board Repair Near Me, you have come to the right place.