iPhone Repair Policy Change in 2017

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iPhone Repair Policy Change in 2017

iPhone Repair Policy Change 2017

iPhone repair policy shift by Apple, recently notified its tech store technicians that third-party iPhone screen repairs no longer void the standard warranty. The only rule being the 3rd part repair does not damage the casing or other related parts.

iPhone Repair Policy

iPhone repair industry is ever changing. An internal memo distributed to Apple store employees. States iPhones that have undergone 3rd party screen repairs or replacement are now eligible for partial coverage under Apple’s warranty.

Inside sources confirmed the legitimacy of this report. Even the slightest damage caused by the 3rd party technicians, up to and including housing damage, will void Apple’s warranty and result in a full repair charge.
Obviously, the iPhone must be within the original warranty period. One-year defect guarantee or extended AppleCare+ warranty. As well as free of apparent tampering or other damage that might result from a third-party screen replacement.


Save on Screen Repair

Cost-conscious iPhone owners have used outside service providers for years to replace or repair their broken screens. Up until now, repairs by out of network repairs immediately voided Apple’s warranty.

The screen is usually a smartphone’s single most expensive component to repair. At the same time the one most likely to break in the event of a drop. Apple has addressed this issue by implementing a new line item to its AppleCare+ service. Offering users the option to replace broken screens for a $49 fee. Of course, the extended warranty coverage comes at a premium, currently $229 for iPhone 8.



So what does all this mean for the iPhone repair industry? Well for any professional iPhone repair center that can replace your iPhone screen without causing any damage to housing and other components. You will still be covered under the Apple’s standard warranty. You can save $100’s by choosing a reputable iPhone repair center.

You also have the option of paying an extra $229 for the AppleCare+ when purchasing your new iPhone. Upon any screen damage, all you pay is a mere $49.  The choice is yours.

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