You Must Read This If Your SmartPhone Is Not Charging

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You Must Read This If Your SmartPhone Is Not Charging

You Must Read This if Your Smartphone is Not Charging


If you own a smartphone like iPhone or Samsung you may come accross this problem. Like all electrical appliances, there comes a time in a devices lifespan where it stops working. When this device is a “TV” or “Toaster” you can live without it. But what if this device is your phone which you use everyday. Tables certainly turn around all of a sudden right. But please don’t panic. We will walk you through some simple steps to diagnose this issue.

1- The Battery

Today’s smartphones come with lithium-ion batteries. Unfortunately like everything else in this world, batteries also die. Our tests have shown us if a battery lasts for two years, than it’s done its job. We receive many customer inquiries about “my phone isn’t charging”. Or “my phone doesn’t power up” Upon inspecting these smartphones; we find that the phone only requires a new battery. Which only takes 10 minutes to install.

Various smartphone (iphone and samsung ) batteries are well sealed out of factory. And prevent an easy access. This is good to keep the battery away from the elements. (Water ,dust etc..) At the same time making it impossible to visually inspect the battery for the average user. All sealed batteries, should only be inspected by the trained technicians. Trained technician must also have the correct tools & equipment. You should never try to open your smartphone yourself. Damaged or punctured smartphones lithium ion battery can explode. Causing severe damage to your hands and or face. So you will be causing harm to your self and possibly others.

Smartphone Batteries are quite easy to replace and should only take 5-10 minutes. On the other hand tablet batteries can take 30-45 minutes sometimes.

Tablets like Apple’s iPad range have large capacity lithium ion batteries.

Reputable smartphone repair centre must include 24 months warranty on their batteries. If warranty is only 90 days, than walk away. Lithium ion batteries do swell up after heavy use. Heat is the number one enemy of any smartphone battery. There are plentiful videos on the net where people get injured from battery explosions. These overnight technicians end up hurting themselves and risking the lives of others.


2- Inspect The Charge Port (Samsung Charge Port Repair)

Charge port or charging port is something that we repair on regular basis. iPhone charge ports do fail with time and require replacement. Samsung charge port repair is also common in the repair industry. Your battery, screen and charger may be working. But you won’t be able to charge your phone because of the faulty charging port. Resulting in a phone that is not usable. A phone that won’t power up at all. Noticing your Samsung charge port loose is a decent sign. If iPhone charge port is loose it may not make proper contact. Therefore won’t charge. Dirty or clogged Samsung charge port will also have a negative effect on charging. Sometimes we find that the charge port is totally corroded. If this happens contact your iphone experts near you to make a booking.

Our Samsung charge port repair service in Melbourne is the best in the country. Lets not forget the iPhone charge port repair service too.


Samsung charge port repair is also very common. Samsung Note 3, Note 4 and Note 5 charging ports fail often. Other models that can fail are Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Plus Edge, S7, S7 Edge. Fixing samsung charge port is not as easy as the iPhones. Especially the Edge models. (S6 edge, S7 Edge) Repair can also be very costly on samsung galaxy S models. Due to the fact that the amoled LCD screen very thin & fragile. If repair is done without any experience and the right equipment. You will break you LCD costing you more than $100’s


3- Inspect the Charging Cable

Charging cables which are not (OEM) original will effect your charging. iPhone charge port sometimes can not communicate with charger. For example iPhones original lightning USB cable may work and but another cable that is a low copy will not work. Remember these cheap copies are produced at factories with no quality control at all. Materials used are of the lowest grade. I always say you get what you pay for. So please try to buy original cables directly from Apple Australia, Samsung Australia. Rigorous cable testing has shown us these results where non-original cables fail.


4- Inspect the Wall Charger

This is possibly the last visual check you can perform before taking it for repair. Smartphone chargers are well designed and don’t fail too often. In saying that if a wall charger has some physical damage it may be possible. Go for a charger that made by Apple or Samsung. Stay away from the cheap copies. These ones can will give you headache in future. Fake charging, battery not holding charge, charge dropping quickly. Are sometimes the results of using a, non-original chargers.