iPhone X, AppleCare+ & Your iPhone Repair Explained.

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iPhone X, AppleCare+ & Your iPhone Repair Explained.

iPhone X, AppleCare+ and iPhone Repair.

Australias most popular smartphone is certainly the Apple’s iPhone (iPhone X). iPhone repair is simple. IPhone’s are also highly sought after and dominate a large segment of the second hand smart phone market in Australia. Well, let me put it to you this way, If you are looking for a well designed easy to use smart phone and you like Apple’s services like i-Cloud, i-Tunes, AppleCare, Apple Support, Airdrop, Siri and last but not least everyone’s favourite the AppStore in which you can download millions of free and paid apps, then you will surely love the iPhone.


What is AppleCare+

Apple has recently introduced Apple Care+, Apple Care+ is an additional service where all Apple customers are entitled to. You can purchase this service from Apple for all Apple devices. AppleCare+ gives you additional insurance for accidental (physical) damages. Prior to this new system Apple did not accept any accidental damage even it your device was still under warranty. I must applaud Apple for coming up with this unique system. Until now no other manufacturer in the world has attempted anything like this, this shows how committed and dedicated “APPLE” is to please their customers over and over again.


Iphone X Repair Costs

As someone with a deep technical background, I can see clearly why AppleCare+ was introduced. You see if you purchase a brand new iPhone X (12/24 months warranty) you are only entitled to what’s called as the “limited warranty”. Limited warranty does not cover against any accidental or physical damages. So for arguments sake lets say if you damage your screen and go to any Apple Store you will be quoted around $418.95 for a screen repair and $818.95 for any other physical damage (iPhone x). But if you have an AppleCare+ service (must be purchased within the first 30 days of buying your apple device) then all you pay is a small fee of $45 (service fee) rather than $418.95. (for a screen). AppleCare+ costs $199 Australian Dollar. With Apple Care + the cost of repairing your screen reduces significantly and you are entitled to two accidental damages.


Flexible Super AMOLED

IPhone X uses Samsung’s AMOLED technology. Amoled cannot be purchased from anywhere in the world. Apple holds the manufacturing rights for these screens (like Samsung). The only other option left is to refurbish it, which is to change the front cracked glass only (if LCD is still functional) and if LCD is not functional next best thing is replacing this with a damaged or not working iPhone X’s working LCD. Other than these two methods there are no other ways unfortunately.


iPhone Repair

In Australia there are 100’s of so called iPhone repair warriors.  These repair warriors claim to do the repairs, which other can’t. However they always leave a bad trail behind them. When they repair your phone. Choose a reputable repair centre always for all your iPhone repairs. My industry experience and gut feeling tells me that Apple Care + was also introduces to wipe these so called technicians out of the water for good. Because from the models iPhone 7 and 7+ onwards things just got a lot more complicated with the touch ID’s, home buttons and flex cables and screws. (Don’t forget the flex cables). A bad iPhone repair warrior will blame you for your home button not working on your iPhone 7. Even maybe a back camera or a loud speaker.

Besides these issues all parts used will be of the lowest and the cheapest quality and they may not give you any warranty or 90 days if you’re lucky. Make sure to go for a repair centre that can back their work up with at least 12 months warranty on all parts & labor. This is very important especially if you are paying premium prices for your smart phone repair.


Types of iPhone Repairs

IPhone repair usually consist of screens. Other repairs may include battery, charge port and wifi module repair. Uncommon repairs include vibrator motor, front and rear camera, loud speaker, proximity sensor, home button repair. headphone jack, sim tray, outer housing (impact damaged) to name a few common repairs. More advanced repairs can be water damaged repairs, logic board repairs, red screen, constant reboot mode, white screen and long screw damage repairs. Further advanced repairs can include microscopic level component soldering (micro-soldering). Micro soldering experts in Melbourne Gadget Fix (www.gadgetfix.com.au) are pioneers in this industry with their level of expertise and quality of their workmanship. With micro soldering, shorted, burnet out or corroded filters, caps, chips and all other components can be replaced or repaired.


iCloud Locked iPhones

i-cloud locked iPhones are plenty in the used market.  You really have to be extremely careful before purchasing a smartphone. Especially if buying over the internet. (eBay or gumtree). Purchasing from the public auctions is possibly the worste experience you can encounter. We receive a lot of inquiries from the general public regarding this issue. People pay top dollar for a iphone only to find out it is iCloud locked. If not iCloud locked it will be blacklisted or reported as stolen (find my phone turned on). Unfortunately there are no auctions in Australia that has warranty or coverage for this as they sell the smart phones on a “as is” basis.

Gadget Fix Melbourne can help you remove your icloud locks.