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Looking for quality laptop repair or upgrade service?

If you are looking for a reputable laptop repair or upgrade service Gadget Fix can help. We offer a wide range of repair and upgrade services. Some of these service include virus removal, Windows upgrade and installations and data transfer. For a complete list with prices please browse below.

If you have questions please do not hesitate call us directly  (03) 9510 7423.

Fresh format of disk drive and installation of operating system of your choice. This could be Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, or any distribution of Linux.

Please note: The price does not include licensing where necessary, you will need to provide it or we can provide at additional cost.


Is your computer infected by virus, malware, spyware or adware? A lot of pop-ups inappropriate pop-ups? We can remove a lot of these unwanted nasties. This is for the removal only.


Setup up your existing or new drive in dual configuration enabling you to boot more than ONE operating system. This is very important if you need to use multiple operating systems.


Faulty windows? Won’t boot? Stuck on blue screen or black screen is commonly referred to as BSOD. This can happen with bad drivers, corrupt registry or sometimes Windows updates. We can help you getting booting into Windows again.


Laptop tune-up service is a complete clean up of your laptop computer. We will go through all the potential issues which may be slowing down your laptop, removing unnecessary files and programs and make sure your laptop computer is running optimally. This service also includes update to bios, drivers, and software where necessary and configuring of settings which ensures optimal performance of your laptop.

Note: This service does not include removal of virus, spyware, adware, malware. If you need hardware cleaning (such as dust removal) please see our laptop hardware cleaning service.


This service includes hardware cleanup. We will open your laptop computer remove dust and clean components. We can also re-apply thermal-compound which can over time deteriorate which in result leads to overheating and slow performance and other issues.


Data backup, cloning or transfer. Don’t say it never happens, take pre-cautions now. Always keep your data safe.

This service is for backup or transferring. We can image to another drive or a medium of your choice.

NOTE: This is NOT for data recovery! If your drive is corrupt or files have been deleted please see our data recovery services.


Hard disk drive (HDD) or Solid state drive (SSD) upgrade service.

Hard disk drive 1TB $149

Hard disk drive 2TB $239

Hard disk drive 4TB $399

Solid State drive 120GB $179

Solid State drive 250GB $195

Solid State drive 500GB $295

Solid State drive 1TB $395

Solid State drive 2TB $799

Solid State drive 4TB $1399

M2/mSata Solid State drive 250GB $249

M2/mSata Solid State drive 500GB $349

M2/mSata Solid State drive 1TB $439

Why choose us?

Quick turn around time

We understand time is valuable. We strive to delivery quick turn around times. We work harder and try to be more efficient to delivery the best service times possible. Most jobs are completed same day and we try to keep everything on hand to avoid delays as much as possible.

Experience & expertise

Quality service by qualified technicians. It’s not just certifications that make a technician great it is also the experience. Over 10 years of experience in computers and laptop servicing and repairs we have serviced many happy customers.

All our work is guaranteed!

At Gadget Fix you are in good hands. Most importantly we want you to be happy and satisfied with the service. We are simply not an overnight business. At Gadget Fix we stand by our products, services and our word. Yes, sometimes our prices may seem a little steep but we always source quality parts and go the extra length to ensure the work is carried out professionally. Just check our reviews as it speaks for itself.