Laptop Liquid Spill Repair FAQ

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How Long Does Laptop Liquid Spill Repair Take?

  • We try to get your Laptop or MacBook back in your hands as soon as we can, however, liquid-damage repairs can take up to 5 business days. We want to make sure your Laptop or MacBook will work perfectly when the repair is complete. From the time that your laptop is in our care, it will actually go through thorough testing. Before the repair, during the repair, and after the repair. This enables us to ensure you experience the highest level of quality we are known for. Sometimes during our rigorous testing, we may discover other related symptoms which require repairing in order for the laptop to fully function as it should again. Any additional repair that needs to be attended to, we will let you know beforehand. Generally, if the liquid was spilled over the keyboard. The keyboard may need replacing. Every liquid damage is different. The amount of liquid that was spilled also plays a great role. As well the type of liquid spilled. Several other factors can impact the speed of your repair, including the amount of the liquid contamination. If your repair is rather urgent, let us know and we will see if there is any way to make this possible for you.

What Are We Able To Repair?

  • We repair any water damage on all Apple MacBook range. Including MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro. We also specialize in late model MacBooks from the years 2015. 2016.2017,2018.
  • 2015 MacBook 12 inch, 2016 MacBook 12 inch, 2017 MacBook 12 inch, 2018 MacBook 12 inch.
  • 2016 MacBook Pro 13 inch, 2017 MacBook Pro 13 inch, 2018 MacBook Pro 13 inch
  • 2016 MacBook Pro 15 inch, 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch, 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch
  • 2016 MacBook Air 13 inch, 2017 MacBook Air 13 inch, 2018 MacBook Air 13 inch.
  • Acer, ASUS, HP, Metabox, Razor, Alienware, DELL, Toshiba, Microsoft, Lenovo, Gigabyte, MSI brand laptops.
  • For us, it does not matter if the liquid damage is from water, coke, coffee, wine, milk or beer. We will make your laptop work like new again.
  • Our success rate is well above the rest.  Even in the most extreme cases. If it can’t be repaired we will let you know.

What Happens to My Documents & Personal Data?

  • In most liquid damage cases, your personal data (personal private information) are not affected. The storage drive or SSD (where information is stored) is a separate component from the rest of the laptop, and its usually not affected by the liquid damage. Our repair focuses on the laptop itself, not the stored data. But can offer an additional  “DATA RECOVERY” service as part of your liquid spill repair service which will incur additional costs.

What If I Decide Not To Go Ahead With The Repair?

  • If you decide to decline the repair, $69 service fee must be paid in full, as well as the $39 shipping fee if you want your laptop back. If the service fee is not paid we will deem your laptop as abandoned.
  • If you want to recycle your laptop through our E-Waste program we can arrange that for you free of charge.
  • Shipping is done via Australia post registered parcel service with signature upon delivery. We make sure your laptop is packaged appropriately.
  • Alternatively, we can recycle your laptop through our E-Waste program. We believe this to be the most effective way of recycling for our environment. Our E-Waste recycling is convenient and free for you.

How Long is the Warranty?

  • All repaired Laptops & MacBooks include 6 months warranty. This warranty includes parts and labor. Shipping charges are also covered under the 6-month warranty.

How Long Do I have to Pay For the Repair?

  • All payments for your repairs must be paid upon completion.
  • Your laptop will not be sent back until we have received the full payment for the repair. This is not negotiable.
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty please contact us to see if we can arrange a payment plan for you.
  • In a case where 60 days have passed and no payment is received. We will deem your product as abandoned and will recycle or resell in order to recover our repair costs.

How Much Does the Laptop Liquid Spill Repair Cost?

  • Laptop & Macbook liquid spill repair costs can vary for each individual repair. We have come up with a simple method which works for all. For all laptops with a liquid spill, there is a $69 service fee. This service fee enables us to give you an accurate quote for the repair. Service fee includes initial diagnoses, parts required and a written quote. If you go forward with the repair the service fee of $69 is automatically waived for you.
  • If you decide not to go forward with the repair, the $69 service fee must be paid

Shipping & Freight?

  • We accept shipping anywhere within Australia
  • We offer free return shipping on all repaired laptops and MacBooks
  • If repair is declined we can send you back your laptop for $39 (plus $69)

No Fix No Charge Policy?

  • When we submit our repair quote to you and you are happy to go ahead with the repair, however, if for any reasons we are not able to complete that repair we will waive all the fees including the service fee.
  • We believe in our “No Fix No Charge” policy because you should not have to pay for a service which did not fix the issue.

Service Fee Explained?

  • It has come to our attention that some of our competitors are quoting a fixed fee for all liquid spill laptop repairs. The fixed fee’s range anywhere from $499-699. This all sounds good and well because you will know straight upfront exactly how much it will cost you.
  • So let’s take a look at the $699 fixed fee example. If the repair were to cost you $750 you would have saved $51 which is a great amount of saving right?. What if this repair were to cost only $180? then you would be out of pocket an extra $519. This is the exact reason why we have introduced our $69 service fee charge.With our service fee system, we can determine exactly how much each repair will cost. Therefore passing the saving onto our customers.
  • The service fee must be paid if the repair is declined. But if the repair is completed successfully this fee is waived. If no fix, the fee is also waived under the No Fix No Charge Policy.