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How Long Does Logic Board Repair Take?

  • We try to get your logic board repaired as soon as we can, however, some heavily damaged logic board repair, can take up to 5 business days. We want to make sure your laptops logic board will work perfectly when the logic board repair, is complete. From the time that your logic board is in our care, it will actually go through thorough testing. Before the repair, during the repair, and after the repair. This enables us to ensure you experience the highest level of quality we are known for.
  • If your repair is rather urgent, let us know and we will see if there is any way to make this possible for you.

Which Logic Boards Are We Able To Repair?

  • We repair all logic board, including water damage, blown fuse, shortcircuited, dead logic boards, on all Apple MacBook range. Including MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro. We also specialize in late model MacBooks from the years 2015. 2016.2017,2018.
  • MacBook logic board repair (12″)
  • MacBook Pro logic board repair (13″,15″, 17″)
  • MacBook Air logic board repair (11″, 13″)
  • Acer, ASUS, HP, Metabox, Razor, Alienware, DELL, Toshiba, Microsoft, Lenovo, Gigabyte, MSI brand laptops.
  • Our success rate is well above the rest.  Even in the most extreme cases. However, if the logic board cannot be repaired we will notify you straight away.

What Happens to My Documents & Personal Data?

  • Most SATA and SSD drives are separate components on laptops and MacBooks. However many new and late model Apple MacBooks and laptops are now manufactured with onboard integrated SSD (solid state drives) So in order to access the data which is stored on the onboard SSD first and foremost, the logic board has to be working properly. Under most circumstances, when the logic board repair, is successful, you can gain access to all your stored data (private pictures, files, documents, videos etc..)
  • For more information about data recovery, contact us today.

What If I Decide Not To Go Ahead With The Repair?

  • If you decide to decline the repair, there is no charge. You are welcome to collect the logic board from our workshop or we can ship it back to you anywhere in Australia for a flat fee of $39

How Long Do I have to Pay For the Logic Board Repair?

  • All payments for your repairs must be paid upon completion.
  • We allow up to 3 business days for you to make the payment.
  • Your laptop will not be sent back until we have received the full payment for the repair. This is not negotiable.
  • If you are experiencing financial difficulty please contact us to see if we can arrange a payment plan for you.
  • If 30 days have passed and no payment is received. We will deem your product as abandoned and will recycle or resell in order to recover our repair costs.

How Much Does the Laptop Logic Board Repair, Cost?

  • Laptop does not turn on – $399
  • Laptop does not stay on long – $399
  • Laptop does not take a charge – $399
  • Laptop does not run off of the battery but runs off of power adapter – $399
  • Laptop LCD has no backlight but has an image – $399
  • Laptop has a mind of its own – $399
  • Prices are fixed at $399 unless we have a special or a limited time offer

No Fix No Charge Policy?

  • That is correct. If we can’t fix your mother board, no charge.
  • We believe in our “No Fix No Charge” policy because you should not have to pay for a service which did not fix the issue.

Fixed Fee Explained?

  • Our fixed pricing of $399 gives you peace of mind.
  • You will know exactly how much you will be paying and how much the repair will cost upfront.
  • There are no additional costs or charges for the logic board repair.

Postage & Shipping?

  • We accept all laptops & MacBooks Australia wide
  • We offer free Australia wide return shipping on all repaired logic boards
  • If for any reason(s) the repair is canceled, $39 return shipping must be paid by the owner.
  • If we can’t fix your mother board, we will pay for the return shipping charges. Under our no fix no charge policy.

Are there any Additional Costs Involved?

  • Motherboard repairs cost $399. This cost is only for the repair of the logic board itself. Not for any other attached components. For example, speaker, microphone, screen, keyboard, touchpad, battery, SSD etc..
  • If any other external components are found faulty or damaged there may be additional costs involved.
  • We will let you know if other external components are found to be faulty or damaged.
  • You have the option of not repairing(replacing) any faulty or damaged external components. However, if any of these external components affect the functionality of the repaired logic board and you decide not to replace these components and use it the way it is. Your 6-month repair warranty becomes void.
  • For example, if the LCD connector of the screen assembly is damaged or corroded, upon connecting this connector back onto the repaired logic board will short circuit the logic board again. The same concept applies for keyboard and trackpad flex cables

Can I Send You Only The LogicBoard?

  • No, we require the complete unit (complete laptop or macbook). Not just the logicboard by itself.
  • This helps us test the unit fully.
  • And find out if any of the external components are also causing any issues to the logic board.
  • If you do send us the motherboard by itself, we will kindly ask you to send us the rest of the laptop until we can start repairing it.