Mac Logic Board Repair For Dummies

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Mac Logic Board Repair For Dummies

Mac Logic Board Repair

Mac logic board repair or MacBook logic board repair is crucial. Apple users are unfortunately attached to their devices. Old or new it does not matter. Ask any Mac enthusiast about their Macbook and they can almost write a book about how good it is. One can almost compare an old Mac to an aged wine or a classic car. With time it just gets better. Being very robust and sturdy is a testament to how well they are engineered. In fact, the Mac frame is engineered from one block of aluminum using CNC industrial machinery.

Common Mac Parts That Fail

A battery is probably the most common part that fails on Mac’s over time. Batteries have a few different conditions. Normal. Replace soon. Replace now. Service battery. When your battery stops holding the charge or the cycle count is well above 1000 cycles. it will require a replacement. Installing a new battery is simple. Only takes a few minutes on the unibodies. Air batteries only have 5 screws. 11″ and 13″ air battery replacement will set you back around $200. Retina MacBook PRO models have their batteries glued to frame. the process requires some elbow grease and patience. I do not recommend anyone to replace their glued batteries. Because a simple mistake can cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars.

Along with the battery, SATA cables, flex cables, trackpad, keyboard, memory, SSD, HDD and CPU fans may fail.


Repair Process Explained

Here is where 99% of technicians get stuck. If it is not any of the hardware components listed above which isn’t a problem what can an ordinary technician can do. Mac logic board repair requires engineering skills coupled with a deep technical knowledge of Mac products. Gadget Fix receives many customer enquiries who have already been to Apple and being told it needs a logic board replacement. Do you know why Apple says that? Well, first and foremost they don’t perform repairs to logic boards. Secondly, they have no access to tools, equipment or expertise. Replacement option is the best that can do. Yet replacement of any Mac logic board costs between $700-$1800. Where Mac logic board repair only cost between $299-499. This latter option makes more sense to repair your existing MacBook logic board.

Data Recovery Options To Consider

Data recovery is not possible without the MacBook logic board repair on certain models. To explain further on the models with A1706, A1707, A1534. 2016-2019 Air. 12″ MacBook Retina 2015-2019. Touch Bar 13″ 15″ MacBook Pro. All these models have integrated SSD onboard storage. What that means is SSD storage is not upgradable nor removable. In a case where these Macbooks stops functioning and you take it to Apple. Where they replace your logic board you will lose all your data if you didn’t have a backup. Board repair for these models is a life save in case you need your data back.o

Industry Leading Warranty

6 months warranty is included with all MacBook logic board repairs.

Warranty Coverage of Components

IC, resistors, capacitors, fuses are all covered under warranty. Parts not covered under warranty are other hardware components. Screen, battery, flex cable, trackpad, keyboard. Unless they have also been replaced.

Less Carbon Footprint

Gadget Fix MacBook logic board repair is environmentally friendly. It’s simple.

Save Hundreds

Average, we have saved our customers between $450- $1500.