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APPLE MacBook password removal service is an absolute lifesaver in most circumstances. We see from time to time people forget their passwords or the password gets lost. Another interesting fact is you may have purchased a used MacBook either from online like eBay or some other platforms. Even sometimes from a local seller. Only to bring it home and find out that it is password locked. This will prevent you from updating or reinstalling any Mac OS. If this password is not removed you simply have no control over your MacBook.

We have also seen some users who had their Mac’s since new may have set a BIOS EFI password upon purchase. Fast forward a few years later and let’s say for example the storage drive fails and you want to install a new SSD. Because of the 4 or 6 digit BIOS passcode lock, your MacBook won’t let you do any installations.

If your MacBook has been signed in to APPLE services like iCloud and you have lost or forgotten your login password this can also be reset or removed.

We recommend all used MacBook buyers to make sure that all passcode’s, passwords, i-cloud login’s and Apple services are all signed out. All Passwords and passcodes removed and reset by the seller before purchase.

An easy way to check to see if there is an EFI BIOS Passcode lock on your MacBook is this method. Turn on your Macbook by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. Once you hear the Chime or see the APPLE Logo press and hold, COMMAND + R or COMMAND + OPTION + R. This will let you boot into recovery mode or internet recovery mode. If you are not greeted with a padlock sign you are safe. If you are greeted with a padlock get in touch with our friendly staff immediately. Once you are in the recovery mode go to Utilities, Startup Security Utility.  Startup Security Utility window will popup. From this window, You can select two options. Change Password and Turn Off Firmware Password. This small pop-up window will tell you whether if the Firmware password protection is on or off.

If you are going to Turn On Firmware Password, please make sure that you write down your password and store it in a secure place.

When purchasing a used MacBook, look for padlock sign when booting into Recovery mode. In case the MacBook is locked. Ask the seller to remove this for you. If the seller does not remember or forgot the password call us on 03 9510 7423 so we can give you a quote over the phone to remove the password.

Here are some of the MacBook’s we can remove, reset iCloud and Firmware Passwords.

  • 13″ A1278
  • 15″ A1286
  • 17″ A1297
  • 13″ Retina A1502
  • 15″ Retina A1398
  • 12″ Retina A1534
  • 11″ A1465
  • 13″ A1466
  • 13″ A1706 Touchbar
  • 15″ A1707 Touchbar
  • 13″ A1708

If your MacBook is not listed above get in touch with us so we can assist you.