MacBook Pro Touch Bar Explained

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MacBook Pro Touch Bar Explained


Touch Bar feature was first introduced in MacBooks in late 2016. Touch Bar was only available on the MacBook Pro 13″ and 15″ model. Basically touch bar replaced the function keys with interactive touchscreen. ¬†MacBook Pro’s with touch bar version also included a Touch ID sensor. Touch ID sensor and power button function was incorporated into one button. MacBook Pro Touch ID fingerprint sensor, reader is excellent choice for security. However we have come across a few MacBook Pro touch ID sensor failures in the past. This is especially a bad thing to happen if you had setup Touch ID for system OS login. Basically there is no way of retreiveing your data other than the Life Boat connector. Gadget Fix Australia and MacBook Rehab are the pioneers in Australia when it comes to MAC onboard SSD data recovery.

To be honest even APPLE can assist you to recover your data if your Touch ID Fails in most cases. I said most cases becasue if there is a water damage, liquid damage or any other physical damage then APPLE’s knowledge and expertise stop here. This is where MacBook Rehab or Gadget Fix can step in to save the day once again.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar repair is highly technical. Because most crucial components are soldered directly onto the motherboard (logicboard). For example SSD, WIFI module, memory chips, GPU and CPU. Water damaged MacBook Touch Bar repair can be highly succesfull when treated within the first few days. Highly skilled microsoldering specialist with an engineering background can have any Water damaged MacBook Touch Bar up and running and a few days.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar repair can cost between $399 to $799.

MacBook Pro touch bar repair comes with industry leading 6 months warranty. If anyone is offering anything less than 6 months warranty this goes to show the level of confidence they have in their repair.