MacOS Mojave Incompatibility Issues

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MacOS Mojave Incompatibility Issues


MacOS Mojave incompatibility issues can drive you mad. MacOS Mojave is the latest OS release by APPLE for the MAC ecosystem. In all honesty I have never been a big fan of it ever since the beta release. Things may improve in future, however we still use and recommend High Sierra 10.13.6 if your mac is supported to run it. Having completed countless OS upgrade’s, installations, data migration and disk imaging on all Mac’s. Mojave is the worst MacOS release to date. Dealing with business proffessionals on a daily basis and knowing and understanding their requirements is a key factor. Specific professional sound and video software may not work in its full capacity in Mojave. We have already started downgrading Mojave OS to High Sierra for some. In the long run there may be more cases unless Mojave is improved.


Upgrading to the next MacOS is easy as 1,2,3. However I can not say the same if you are looking to downgrade. Especially when all your software and data is installed on the latest Mojave MacOS. Challenging as it may be, only an expert shall attempt this unless you don’t need your data and programs.  APFS which is Apple partition and file system can be a nightmare to deal with. Yet for security purposes there is none better.


MacOS Mojave can be installed on most older mac’s. Eventough Apple has cut the support for all 2011 and prior Mac’s. With a simple patch update we can install Mojave on a 2008 MacBook Pro. However we choose not to as there are many glitches. Some being the mouse cursor disappearing. Another is sudden screen freeze and restarts. There are a few more like not recognizing the wifi card or wifi module. High Sierra runs without any flaws. Hence the reason we use and recommend it.

For any reason if your having macos mojave incompatibility issues with your MacOS Mojave get in touch with us today.