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The surface has really stepped up their game in recent years. They have becomeĀ a major competitor for APPLE. However, Microsoft Surface products are somewhat better than most tablets in the market today. Some may even argue that it is also better than most of the notebooks. Well, I can honestly say they have the best connectivity options when compared to APPLE’s iPads or Samsung Tab’s. Microsoft shipping these out with pre-loaded PE (portable edition) Windows Operating system has grabbed major attention amongst many Windows users. Basically, you either love it or hate it ‘sone of those things.


In theory, it all sounds fun and games, right? Well maybe not. Let me elaborate a tad more. Microsoft Surface products are closed circuit units. Surface design fundamentals were to cut costs and save space. Hence the reason the slim and light frame. All functions and features are controlled from the Microsoft Surface motherboard or you could say logic board.

So when the Microsoft Surface logicboard fails due to many reasons there is no way of accessing the internal data. Only way to access it is by repairing the logic board to function again. These may include replacement of IC, capacitor, diode, filter, ferrite, connector. Swapping the logic board with another one is not an option because your storage is located on the motherboard.


Data Recovery services may be required if your surface is liquid damaged, physically damaged, dead, no power, no display, no charge. Whatever the condition of your Microsoft surface is we can retrieve the data.

Data Recovery services are available for the below listed Microsoft Surface Products.


  • RT

  • GO

  • BOOK 2



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