TPS51980A U7501 U7201


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TPS51980A U7501 U7201

TPS51980A U7501 U7201 chip is a MacBook buck converter for the PP3V3_S5, PP5V_S4, andĀ LDO PP5V_S5 power rail.

This chipset is located around the edge of the logic board, therefore, it is quite normal for it to short in the event of a water damage.

If you are missing SMC_PM_G2_EN or PM_SLP_S4_L you must first investigate & repair these before replacing the TPS51980A U7501 U7201 chip.

Compatible with the logic boards listed below

820-3023 820-00165 820-3209 820-3437 820-3662 820-3787 820-3332 820-00138 820-3024 820-3208 820-3435 820-00164 820-3476 820-3536 820-4924 820-3462 820-3330