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All devices can be repaired regardless of their complexity. Smartphones, tablets and laptops have become more complex. Slimmer, lightweight and faster. As technology advances more we can expect to see devices which are harder to repair. Technology also ads to the cost of manufacturing. Making devices more unaffordable and more valuable.

What do you do when a device which you paid more than $1000 fails internally. This can be a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Samsung Logic boards are the backbone of all electrical devices. Unlike other hardware components like display screen, battery, charge port, the power button which are quite easy to replace by even the most novice person. Most Logic Board repairs are very technical and require logicboard micro soldering repair specialist.

Typical logic board has 1000’s of microcomponents like IC’s (integrated circuits). At any given time power IC, charge IC can fail. In fact any other IC, resistor, the capacitor may fail. From our Samsung logic board repair experience, it is usually one or 2 microchips which fail on Samsung Logic Boards. Replacing these faulty IC’s on the logic boards can bring dead devices back to life. However, the best part is the Samsung Logic Board Repair only cost a fraction of the costs. When compared to replacing the whole device.

Our Samsung Logic Board repair covers all of Samsungs products. Specialist Samsung logic board repair services may be required if your Samsung device suddenly

  • Stops Working
  • No Display
  • No Sound
  • No WIFI
  • No Bluetooth
  • No Power
  • The device gets too hot
  • Intermittent shuts down
  • Liquid Damage
  • Storm Damage
  • Dropped

Board Repair service for Samsung logic board repair. Now available for Galaxy, A series, J series, Tab, Notebook, Windows Tablet range.

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