iPhone data recovery

We specialise in iPhone data recovery!


Have you dropped your iPhone in the beach? Was it run over by a car? Maybe thrown at the wall? Perhaps not so bad, we. have seen many many situations and have had great success.


How long does it take?

Data recovery on dead iPhone’s can take anywhere from a day up to a week. In rare cases, it may take several weeks.


Some scenarios which may require data recovery.

Water damaged?

No problem. We suggest you do NOT turn the device on! Remember live circuits and liquids do not mix! If you would like more information on water damage & liquid spill repair you can click HERE to learn more! What’s worst is probably the rice myth! Yes, it does absorb moisture and assists in drying up but then again drying the board without cleaning it would just accelerate the corrosion.


Drop & impact damage?

Might not seem so bad but one of the worst types of damages to recover data from. It becomes complex because IC’s have many solder balls under them. When the device is dropped then these solder balls through the shock can detach from the board. Many times 10’s or 100’s of balls under a chip can leave you wondering where the problem is. There is no real way of seeing what is under the chip unless it is removed. What’s more is the issue can be intermittent and makes troubleshooting even more time-consuming.


User damage.


Okay. So sometimes experienced and sometimes newbie, at some point we all make mistakes. So whether you are the owner or it is a customers device sometimes user error occurs. Sometimes it can be bent pins on connectors (which is quite) common and other times it is long screw damage (what a nightmare). SO whatever your problem may be at Gadget Fix we can help.