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MacBook Power IC ISL6259 power IC U7000 U7100 ISL6259AHRTZ




MacBook ISL6259 power IC U7000 U7100 ISL6259AHRTZ

This ISL6259AHRTZ is the Mac buck controller IC for the PPBUS_G3H power rail for Air 2010 to the present.

PPBUS G3 Hot is one of the main critical power input lines on the logic board.

ISL6259AHRTZ is the same chipset as ISL6259HRTZ. Sometimes the board view and schematics may add letters in front of the existing chipsets if there has been an update or reprogramming of the chip by the manufactrer.,

This chipset ISL6259 AHRTZ (ISL6259 HRTZ) is a very common chipset that fails due to physical damage, liquid damage or power outages.

U7000 on the pre-2013 Macs

U7100 on 2013-2016 Macs


Compatible with Logic Boards

820-2838 820-3023 820-00165 820-3209 820-3437 820-3662 820-3787 820-2796 820-3024 820-3208 820-3435 820-00164 820-3476 820-3536 820-4924 820-3462 820-3330 820-2850 820-2915 820-2914 820-2849 820-2879 820-3115 820-2936