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SSD Data Recovery Service provides recovery services on a full range of SSD (solid state disk)drives. From MLC, SLC, eMLC and SLC NAND flash memory drives we can recover your data.

Unlike disk drives (HDD), SSD drives have no moving mechanical parts. This gives the wrong impression that data is much safer on SSD’s. However this is not correct. SSD’s are more vulnerable to minor defects compared to mechanical HDD’s.

These include sudden power loss, EMI, magnetic fields and power issues. And because SSD’s have limited number of write cycles, the ability to write to them eventually wears out, leading to potential data loss.

Many SSD controllers utilize advanced technology to extend the reliability and speed of storage. The architecture inside of an SSD can be more complicated than some RAID drives. SSD algorithms which map logical addresses to physical media locations are different on all brands.

Many SSD manufacturers use hardware based drive encryption. This is done to prevent access from all unknown users. Gadget Fix data recovery services are able to extract all critical drive information including encyrption keys and drive data.


Our in house solution for retrieving data from failed SSD drives can retract data from all brands including Samsung, Toshiba, Crucial, Sandisk, Adata, Kingston, Patriot, Crucial to name a few.

Using SSD Data Recovery Service we can read, restore, reconstruct, restore and recover encrypted data from all SSD drives.

When a bad block error occurs which can’t be repaired by the SSD ECC, this bad block is swapped with one from an available on demand pool. If the spare blocks causes errors in which the SSD reaches critical state of failure then it needs to be replaced. SSD Data Recovery management algo such as ECC and wear leveling over the entire flash media to maximize the SSD’s life.

Because each SSD controller chip is unique we first determine the steps necessary for the SSD Data Recovery.