Best 3 Upgrades for Slow Running Computers, RAM, CPU, SSD.

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Best 3 Upgrades for Slow Running Computers, RAM, CPU, SSD.

Importance of SSD Upgrade, CPU Upgrade & RAM Upgrade for Your Computer.

When it comes to computer hardware upgrades, SSD upgrade is our choice of recommendation.

Owning a computer is like a being in a love & hate relationship. When they function perfectly. They can be our best friends. But when they start to run slow, we feel like throwing them out of the window.

Sometimes a simple upgrade can make big difference. To know exactly which upgrade option is best suitable for you.  Get in touch with your expert computer repair shop. Experienced repair shop can diagnose all your computer issues.

With today’s technology, speed of computers has advanced. For example a few years ago, loading windows OS from the startup would take upto 5 minutes. These days that time is significantly reduced to only a few seconds. Faster processing speeds & load times has allowed us the opportunity to multitask. Running several software applications on your desktop has become almost effortless. Because today we want to get more done is less time. In return multitasking saves us time & money.


Below I have listed a few key points of computer hardware upgrade options for slow running computer.



Lets talk about computer RAM upgrade. RAM is used for application loading & running functions. The ram is much faster than the hard drive. As there aren’t any mechanical moving parts like SATA or SAS drives. Basically a computer doesn’t need to work it’s wheels when looking for a specific file or application. Therefore making the software loading process much quicker. Installing additional memory speeds up your computer load times considerably.

More  memory, faster your computer will be. Latest RAM’s can sift through the data very quickly. However when the RAM is full, your computer will depend on the disk drive to retrieve information from. This is where things can get bogged. Once a running program is stopped. All relevant information on the ram is cleared. This sequence is repeated every time you open and close programs. RAM is freed up when not used. Ram upgrade is definitely the cheapest option when compared to SSD upgrade & CPU upgrade.



Any hardware upgrade can improve your computers performance. Some more than others. But SSD upgrade out off all the choices makes the biggest noticable difference for the speed of your PC. SSD drive or the hard drive is the storage device of a computer. For high-end computers, the hard drive is the bottleneck. Disk drives, when compared to RAM, are very slow to access and write information to. This is all now changed thanks to SSD Upgrade options. See your local computer repair shop for your SSD Upgrade.



The latest SSD drives also known as the Solid State Drives are very fast. Another benefit of installing SSD drive is it’s low energy consumption. Compared to any other types of disk drives. When SSD is installed on any laptop or MacBook, battery life is also significantly improved. Less charging equals more usage therefore more work done. We all know that our laptop’s battery life is important to us. So why not install SSD.

Manufacturing techniques used in the production of the SSD drives allowed it to have no moving mechanical parts. No discs, no readers and no optics. Contents stored on the SSD drive will be permanently there until deleted or removed. Another reason why you should go for a SSD upgrade is SSD is extremely quiet while operating. We all know old MacBooks are fast. You can now make them even faster by installing an SSD Drive.



CPU upgrade is the 3rd and last hardware upgrade option we can recommend. The CPU handles all the calculations a computer performs. With any CPU upgrade it is crucial to reapply the thermal compound paste between the cpu and heatsink. Central processing unit (CPU) is the electronic circuit within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computers basic arithmetic, logical, control and io (input/output) operations specified by the instructions. Depending on your computers motherboard architecture, CPU may be upgradable. Upgrading your CPU can be costly. Unlike the ram upgrade which adds additional memory on top of your existing memory. With any CPU upgrade existing CPU is removed so a new one can be installed in it’s spot. Unfortunately there is no adding on feature like the memory RAM.

Some CPU upgrades may require upgrading the heat sink and the CPU fan. Reason for this is the new CPU is much faster and more resource hungry in comparison to your old CPU. Therefore additional cooling is required. Larger heat sink and more powerful CPU fan is your best choice. CPU overclocking is possible  sometimes to speed up your pc. This is a well known practice amongst the pc gamers. Under no circumstances we do not recommend anyone to practice this. Because  overclocking puts more pressure on  your CPU & motherboard. Reason for this is overclocked CPU’s run much hotter and draw more power. One other reason is overclocked CPU’s always require additional cooling. Liquid cooling is very effective for powerful CPU’s. Performance upgrade options are available through your reputable PC shop.

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