How to Treat Water Damaged Gadgets & Devices

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How to Treat Water Damaged Gadgets & Devices

How to Treat Water Damaged Gadgets & Devices.

All water damaged (aka liquid damage) devices will require urgent assessment & treatment. I will list in 4 short points below why and how.

Water Is Corrosive

Water is corrosive by nature because it contains many metal properties. Lead and copper are mostly found in our water supplies. Purified water has the least metals in it. Mercury, Selenium, Nicker are some other minerals which are contained in water. If your gadget or device has water damage you are bound to notice corrosion. However, if treated quickly (within 7 days ) you have a better chance of recovery.

Saltwater (sea water) is more corrosive than regular water. Salt water damaged gadgets may be recovered. The only enemy of any liquid damage is the time. Sometimes we tend to forget about these devices and leave them aside for a few months. Upon inspection, these devices are fully corroded. All chips, resistors, capacitors are fully corroded and it is beyond repair.
That is why we recommend you to see a repair centre that specializes in these repairs.


Not all Gadgets are Waterproof

Smartphone manufacturers claim some of their models are waterproof. Water eventually finds its way into devices. When left in water for long periods of time. Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Sony Xperia XZ premium. HTC U11 are the best waterproof smartphones available today.
In the tablet segment, the latest iPad Pro isn’t waterproof. Samsung Galaxy Tab Active, Panasonic Toughpad, Fujitsu Tablet Stylistic, Sony Xperia Z, Z2 & Z3 are waterproof.


External Inspection is not Enough

Inspecting devices visually don’t help. Visual inspection won’t show us the extent of the water damage. The gadget has to be opened & inspected using a microscope. You see liquid can get under the shields and other components, which will be impossible to see with a naked eye. Only once it’s inspected the extent of the damage can be seen & recorded. Many repair shops will perform a quick clean and wipe the externally visible corrosion. Then give it back to you. What will happen is within some time your gadget will stop working. So now you have a total loss. An ultrasonic bath is a must for any water-damaged device. This process takes about one hour including bath and drying time.


Thorough Testing is the Key

Gadgets must be tested after the repair is completed. Experience teaches us a lot of parts may be affected. Sometimes the home button, vibrator motor, Wi-Fi module, loudspeakers, front/rear cameras & microphone may also need to be replaced. At the end of the day, these are easily replaceable parts and a decent repair shop should always have all these parts available. After all, you want a complete working phone with all its functions & features. At Gadget fix, we treat each water-damaged device like our own. We make sure to use the best parts available today.

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